Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Press Release on Women's Gym Hours - 3/4/08

The Harvard Islamic Society welcomes the recent initiative by the Harvard administration to introduce women's hours in one of the university gyms. This is a policy of inclusion, and it exemplifies Harvard's commitment to religious and cultural diversity.

Women's hours provide a comfortable and supportive workout environment for a segment of women on our campus. The nationwide popularity of a women's gym like Curves and designated workout areas at fitness centers like Gold's Gym suggests that this need is not limited to one religion or campus.

We recognize that university policies must address a variety of moral and practical considerations, and empathize with concerns about limiting access to other users. And yet the Mission of Harvard College encourages students "to pursue excellence in a spirit of productive cooperation." It is this spirit that enables us to transcend competing interests and grant each other the space to thrive.


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